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 A Family Seasoning I'm Proud to Share With You


A Little Bit About Me


As a Military Brat, (A VERY PROUD Brat!) I grew up all over the world. Now, with the help of an old family recipe, I'm seasoning it! My father was a club manager while active duty in the  Air Force. He really knows his way around a kitchen, and won numerous awards while serving our Country. His version of the family recipe is one that I grew up on. For years, I was pleasantly persistent in asking him for the recipe, but instead, he would send me a pound of it. In 2010, I sustained three strokes (in one week), and I decided it was best to take a break from the corporate world in order to concentrate on my recovery. When I decided to get back on the saddle, my father surprised me with the recipe and a challenge. I was frustrated trying to get back into the corporate world, and he told me to take the recipe and run with it, and run with it, I did! Having placed it in my hands, I created what is now known as "My Daddy's Seasoning", a blend that enhances nearly any main course or side dish. I didn't stop when I re-created my fathers version of the family recipe, I modified his version to make it may own, and then created two more blends based off of it. The" Low Sodium" and "With A Little Kick". After introducing it on several media platforms, I decided to create a blend with a "Cajun Flare". In 2016, I came up with two more blends that were a take off of their own. The "Simply Sweet", which is great for baking and canning, and the "Sweet Heat-HABANERO, for those that enjoy a sweet taste with a lot of heat. 

My adventure with "My Daddy's Seasoning" has been a fun journey. I have met many wonderful people WORLDWIDE that have reached out to me just to let me know they really like the seasoning. 

My Dad once told me that when you get knocked down, pick yourself back up, brush your knees off, and push forward.

Thank you Dad for helping me do just that. I love you-Kathie 

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